A life-long friend of mine died suddenly early yesterday morning, collapsing on a street in Dublin near his place of work.

Obviously it is a great shock, but his many friends have gathered round to talk about him, celebrate his life and his gift of making us laugh – among his many qualities. That, and how he was helped in his final moments, has made his sudden departure just that bit bearable and is what I want to record here.

Because of the hour, there weren’t many on the street, but from what I can gather, a taxi driver spotted that he was in distress, turned his car around, alerted two Guards (Gardaí Siochána, ie Irish police, literally translated as Guardians of the Peace), who immediately rushed to help and call an ambulance, which happened to be in the area and was on the scene within moments. They did their best to resuscitate him, as did the doctors in James’ Hospital.

In alerting his partner, the Guards acted with the utmost sensitivity and kindness. First they called him at home to ascertain he was there, then appeared moments later in person to tell him his awful news in the most sensitive terms, and brought him to the hospital. Moreover, they then brought him back into town to close the office, and brought him home.

He and his friends, including myself, are deeply touched and heartened by this kindness and decency, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

If you know a Guard, taxi driver, ambulance crew or doctor, please tell them this story.

2 thoughts on “Decency

  1. Sorry to hear that a friend has passed away. And thank you for pointing out the great job (and common decency) of so many people. Its easy to miss this when headline after headline is horror.

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